We ensure that our craftsmanship is of the highest standards, ALEKSANDR VEN jewelry is made with great care and quality materials. All products are tested in Latvijas proves birojs and have the stamp of the master.

All ALEKSANDR VEN products are guaranteed for 5 years. In the event of a manufacturing defect, ALEKSANDR VEN will repair your product free of charge.

Warranty and repair conditions:

1. The warranty only covers products with a manufacturing defect and does not cover deformation and damage caused by accident, misuse, unauthorized use or negligence and wear and tear.

2. If any part of the decoration (including stones, chains, paper clips, etc.) falls off, it must be sent along with the parts before being repaired. ALEKSANDR VEN is not responsible for missing parts or stones.

3. The warranty is void in any case if the product has been altered in any way – by engraving, resizing or repair by a third party such as another jeweler or others other than ALEKSANDR VEN.

4. The manufacturer’s warranty does not cover:

Discoloration due to chemicals, cosmetics, pool, jacuzzi or bathing area.
Scratches, dents, dents or cracks caused by everyday wear or mishandling.
Bent, worn, worn out rods that allow the stone to fall or disappear due to carelessness or other damage.
Lost or stolen stone(s).
Items that have been misused or worn after normal daily wear.
Please note that the following product features cannot be considered defects:
Minor inconsistencies and variations in creativity.
The natural properties of a metal or gemstone (eg colors, inclusions, etc.).


If any part of jewellery (including but not limited to stones, chains, clips..etc.) falls off, it should be returned along with its parts before any attempt to repair. ALEKSANDR VEN does not take responsibility for missing parts or stones.

To return your product for repair, please do the following:

1. Fill out the repair form on our website.
2. After receiving an answer, please send the product to our office or bring it in person at Šarlotes iela 18a-3, Rīga, LV-100   

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact our customer service team by e-mail at Info@aleksandrven.com or by phone
+371 2 5921728
They will be happy to assist you.

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