Ballet tenderness and jewellery luster

Jewelry art always strives for perfection, impeccable execution and filigree! Jewelry with its features resembles ballet – the perfect art!
To master the art of jewelry at the highest level, how to master the unquestioning art of ballet – only by devoting years of your life to it, therefore, ballet and jewelry activities follow similar paths!
Talented and purposeful Ballerina Anniya Kopshtale reflects the perfection of ballet and high Jewelry Art with her dance.

 Annija Kopstale is a dancer with the Latvian National Ballet and a participant in several international competitions. Received a diploma of the first degree at the competition “Crystal Slipper” (Ukraine, 2009), won a silver medal at the competition “Stora Daldansen” (Sweden, 2010), a bronze medal at the competition “Le concours international de danse classique de Grasse” (France, 2010) , received a scholarship from the Maris Liepa Foundation and was a diploma student of the Latvian Ministry of Culture.

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