Terms of Use:

Aleksandr Ven gift card is a type of non-cash payment by which the client, within the validity period of the gift card, can pay for goods on the website www.AleksandrVen.com and when ordering by phone +371 27 079 898

The Aleksandr Ven Gift Card allows the customer to share the shopping experience at Aleksandr Ven with the gift recipient. To purchase an Aleksandr Ven gift card, select the amount from the drop-down menu, enter the amount and click the buy button.

The cost of the Gift Card is chosen by its giver in the range from 500 euros to 30,000 euros.

Yes, one Spice Gift Card can be used for several purchases at website www.AleksandrVen.com up to its nominal value.

The card has a limited validity period, which does not exceed 12 (twelve) months, starting from the card’s activation (acquisition date). 


The validity period of the card can be extended once within a period of 3 (three) months upon its expiry. The user will be issued a new card in exchange for the replaceable one, with the same remaining balance and a validity period of 6 (six) months. The user gives the replaceable card to the our office at Ulbrokas 13-80

The buyer may return a damaged card to the Aleksandr Ven information centre. The card will only be replaced if the damaged card is submitted and has no signs of counterfeit. 

Check gift card balance

Lost Gift Card

In the event of losing the card, it can be blocked by calling +37127 079 898.When blocking the card, you must provide the given name and surname and card number (or part of the number, which can be seen on the e-receipt confirming purchase of the card).

The user and (or) the buyer has the right to demand to exchange the lost or stolen Card for a new one with the same balance of electronic money as on the stolen or lost Card. To do this, you must fill out the form, indicating the number of the e-receipt for the purchase of the Card.