Aleksandr Ven – Alexander came up with the idea to become a jewelry designer during his youth. After receiving an education from the best masters in Latvia, he began his journey in the world of luxury and brilliance.

The master’s handwriting can be seen in each product. To create jewelry, he draws inspiration from real emotions and heart-warming memories.

Alexander is especially passionate about his profession. He is always internally organized, patient and attentive to detail. Owners of jewelry made by Alexander can be sure that all the elements are filigree and tasteful.
Each stone is secured with a precise and confident hand movement.

The master always follows the following principles:

– only pure metal alloys obtained in accordance with the principle of responsibility may be used;
– only natural stones may be used in the products;
– The jewelry created should be not only special but also comfortable for everyday life;

Alexander has an individual approach to each order. He will be happy to fulfill your wishes. He will always give you advice on choosing the jewelry of your dreams if you will be interested to hear it.

The master is most inspired by creating jewelry for:
– young women and women who respect comfort and individuality;
– for brides and grooms (engagement and wedding rings have a special charm and romance);
– for mothers and their little angels (you can order jewelry related to the birth of a child, family sets for parents and children, as well as amusing jewelry for the little ones).

Aleksandr Ven – modern jewelry for those who appreciate trend design, which will reflect you and become part of your essence.

  • All products are tested in Latvijas proves birojs and have the stamp of the master.


Jewelry designer Aleksndr Vengrzhinovskis, creator of the unique handmade jewelry brand Aleksandr Ven.
Aleksandr in his childhood dreamed of his profession – to become a master of jewelry. His accuracy, creativity, willingness to do good work and love for all kinds of materials only encouraged him to look for opportunities to learn the profession. Having received education from the best Latvian masters, he began his journey in the world of jewelry.
Each piece of jewelry created by Aleksandr testifies to the careful handwriting and filigree work of the master, as well as to a wonderful sense of taste. Aleksandr has always been driven by the desire to create completely unique jewelry that is different from what is already on sale.
The designer is strongly inspired by the materials he works with – gold and precious stones. What way do they go before turning into jewels in the hands of the master? Where did they come from? And most importantly, what they will become – an expression of love or a relic that will be passed down from generation to generation.
Currently, the designer devotes a lot of time to the development of new collections, and also carries out individual orders, where all the wishes of the customer are taken into account. Like wedding rings, Aleksandr considers them to be the highest level of trust, because they will be worn every day. That is why sometimes the daily work is put aside in order to make a couple of wedding rings.
The master always adheres to the principles:
– use only pure metal alloys mined in compliance with the principle of responsibility;
– use only natural stones in products;
– to create special jewelry, but comfortable in everyday life.
Aleksandr has an individual approach to each order and he will gladly fulfill your wishes, as well as give recommendations if you turn to him for advice when choosing your dream jewelry.
Jewelery range:
– earrings, rings, pendants and bracelets for women who appreciate not only individuality, but also comfort;
– rings for the bride and groom – the creation of engagement and wedding rings has a special aura;
– jewelry for mothers and babies (it is possible to order jewelry related to the birth of a child, sets for parents and children, as well as really special jewelry for the little ones – pendants and earrings).
Aleksandr Ven – new time jewelry for those who appreciate modern design and individuality.
All products are tested in Latvijas proves birojs and have the stamp of the master.
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