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Latvia. (hereinafter referred to as – the Company or we) respects your privacy and strives to ensure the security of your personal data.

This Privacy Policy contains information about the processing of your personal data. We ensure that all personal data are processed in accordance with the provisions of General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679, as well as the requirements of the regulatory enactments of the Republic of Latvia.


1. What is a data controller?

The personal data that you provide on the website

 (hereinafter – the Website), as well as the data that are automatically obtained on the Website or other data provided by you using other means, are managed by the Company.

By visiting the Website and/or providing your personal data, you provide your consent to the Company to manage and process the relevant data for the purposes and by the means set forth in this Privacy Policy and applicable laws and regulations. If you do not want the Company to process your personal data, please do not give such consent.


2.What is the scope of this Privacy Policy?

This Privacy Policy is to be applied depending on which services we provide to you. This policy applies to all websites controlled by the Company, as well as to all personal data you provide on the Website, including by registering and receiving informational messages, participating in games and competitions organised by the Company, and submitting requests or complaints regardless of the device from which the Website visitor (hereinafter referred to as – the Visitor) visits the Website.

This Privacy Policy does not apply to links posted on the Website that redirect to third party websites, so we encourage you, at first, to review the relevant policies and requirements of such websites.


3.What personal data do we process and why?

3.1. Technical data of the Website. Cookies, etc.

When a visitor visits the Website, the Company obtains and processes certain technical personal data by using cookies.

When visiting the Site, the Company may process your IP address, network and location data if the Visitor provides such data. The data is obtained by means of cookies and other similar technologies, based on the consent given by the Visitor.

Cookies are small text files (up to several KB in size) that your web browser stores on your computer, tablet, or other smart device when you visit the Website. By using cookies, we strive to ensure the efficient and secure operation of the Website and to analyse your habits, thus ensuring that the operation of the Website is convenient, efficient and meets your needs and expectations.

All our cookies may only be used with your prior consent. You can express your consent by clicking the “Agree” button in the cookie bar that pops up at the bottom of the Website.

Please note that mandatory cookies and analytical cookies are a condition for using the Website. If you click “Disagree” or disable these cookies, we cannot guarantee how and whether our Website will work at all.

Please also note that in this case your consent is required and the use of analytical cookies is required for the use of our Website. If you do not want to accept the use of these cookies, we cannot be sure how the Website will work or whether it will work at all.

The Company may transfer certain technical data obtained during the visit of the Website (IP address, cookies, technical information of your browser and other information related to your browser and browsing of the Website) or make such data available to third parties in the European Economic Area (hereinafter – EEA) and beyond for the purpose of compiling Website browsing analysis, performance of analysis, and other similar purposes (e.g., through Google Analytics service; the Service Provider is located in the United States of America). Please note that insufficient protection of your personal data may arise in countries outside the EEA, but we will carefully consider the conditions under which such personal data will be further processed and stored after such data is transferred to persons outside the EEA.

For more information about the cookies used on this Website, please, read our Cookie Policy.