Jewellery care instructions

Adverse factors and conditions
  • Remove jewellery when performing heavy physical work. Protect products from mechanical influences, otherwise the metal part of the jewellery may be deformed, and the stones may be damaged – chips will occur, fall out of the setting.

  • Do not allow jewellery to come into contact with detergents – the substances included in their composition may leave stains on jewellery.

  • Avoid wearing jewellery in conditions of intense ultraviolet radiation and exposure to elevated temperatures. Direct sunlight can damage and ruin the original look of jewellery.

  • Jewellery with pearls under the influence of chemicals and direct sunlight may lose color and luster.

Jewellery storage

  • Jewelley shrould be stored in cases in a dry place. Necklaces and chains are best stored in separate cases to avoid creases.

  • Do not allow jewellery to come into contact with each other, otherwise they may be scratched.

  • To preserve the tone and depth of their color, jewellery with pearls should be stored in places where there is no exposure to direct sunlight, in conditions of moderate humidity.

Jewellery Care
  • After swimming in the sea, jewellery should be washed with fresh water. Sea water contains salts and iodine, which adversely affect the surface of the metal.

  • Jewellery should be regularly wiped with suede, flannel or special jewelry wipes. Wiping will restore the glossy shine to the decoration!

  • To make diamonds sparkle, jewellery should be washed monthly in warm soapy water.