Aleksandr Ven is a master jewelry designer. Already in his youth, he had a passion for his current business. Unfortunately, at that time there were no special educational institutions in Latvia, there were craft-type courses. However, having made enough efforts, having studied with professional jewelers, Alexander began his independent ascent.

Long and constant polishing of his own technique has developed in the master his exceptional approach to business. The owner of the items created by Alexander can be sure that it is made with a soul, and the setting of stones is done with a confident hand and with the sensitive attention of an experienced specialist.

Working with jewelry requires perseverance, patience, a sense of taste, ingenuity, and firmness of the hand. The same firmness is present in Alexander's adherence to principles:

Use only pure metal alloys,
Use only natural stones in products,
To create jewelry that is comfortable in everyday life.

The Master Designer is an incredibly sociable and open person. Before you decide on your own product, Alexander will definitely discuss with you all the nuances of your future ring, earrings or pendant. You can always turn to him for advice and he will help in this difficult task: the embodiment of an idea in jewelry.
adress : Veikals Jahonts TC RĪGA PLAZA Mūkusalas ielā 71, Rīga, Latvija
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